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Potent and Pure

When it comes to our vaporizers, it’s all about getting as close to pure THC and CBD as possible. We use a clean, alcohol-based extraction method that gives us the strongest product base (85-90 TAC). Once we extract the essence of the plant, we add natural terpenes to create flavor and effects. Insa vaporizers are some of the most potent products out there. Depending on your priorities, they’re the most bang for your buck too.

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Vapes & Darts

Insa vaporizers are portable, low-profile, and otherwise discrete and are available in disposable pens, cartridges, and Dart Pods. What’s a Dart Pod? We’re glad you asked. This small vaporizer packs a mighty punch. With an open airflow, the Dart Pod allows for big rips or tiny taps, so you can get the amount of effect and flavor your heart desires. Insa is the only place you can find these little guys.

Carts & Pens

Insa cartridges and pens are available in a wide range of cultivars and ratios, from our super potent THC cartridges to our 1:1 CBD to THC ratio varieties. Our cartridges and pens are powered by C-Cell technology, a company widely recognized to be one of the top housing and battery brands in the world, to ensure you have the smoothest experience possible.

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Dart Pods

If you want a sleek and safe vaporizer with optimal airflow, the Dart can hit that target! Our Dart pods are the newest in vaporizer technology, and the long-lasting Dart X battery will let you puff for days at a time without having to recharge. The Dart even has special cultivar varieties you won’t see anywhere else!

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More Products


Cannabis that Is cultivated by farmers and hardworking artisans of the craft. Insa flower is where it all begins. It’s the source of all our products. So, as you can imagine, we obsess over it. OBSESS! (Insert flash of lightning and maniacal laughter.)


Insa concentrates are hands down one of the most delicious ways to enjoy the natural flavors of cannabis, period. Some of our concentrates are fresh and piney, while others taste like berries, ripe citrus, or mint. If we were uber-pretentious, we might compare our cannabis concentrates to fine wines as they both feature complex aroma bouquets and flavors. But we’re not. So we won’t.