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Insa Does Not Use Vitamin E Acetate in Any of Its Products - September 7, 2019

Joseph Bonafilia   September 07, 2019  

A rise in vaping-associated pulmonary illnesses has led authorities to investigate the cause of these illnesses. Nicotine vaping products, as well as black market or “off-the-street” THC distillate cartridges and possibly some cartridges bought from dispensaries, were used by patients who succumbed to illnesses such as lipoid pneumonia. Recent studies conducted by the New York State Department of Health at the Wadsworth Center Laboratory have linked vitamin E acetate as a potential contaminate and contributor to such pulmonary illnesses. Though vitamin E acetate is not the confirmed culprit of such illnesses, it was found in high levels in several vape THC cartridges and pens used by individuals who fell ill.

Vitamin E acetate is considered safe when ingested or used topically, however, it has the potential for respiratory complications when vaporized and inhaled. Authorities have theorized vitamin E acetate may have been used as an adulterant/diluent in the THC cartridges.
At Insa, we are committed to providing the highest quality products to our patrons. We are a pesticide-free seed-to-sale company with an extremely detail-oriented production process. Our final products are of high-purity with no harmful chemicals, and each and every product on our menu is rigorously tested by state-approved third-party testing facilities in accordance with the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Nowhere in this meticulous process could vitamin E acetate find its way into our product.
Abstrax Tech’s naturally-derived, food-grade terpenes are the only ingredients added to Insa’s THC distillate for optimal taste and effect via the interactions of THC and associated terpenes. In a statement Insa received from Kevin Koby, Abstrax Tech, Inc.’s Chief Science Officer, Mr Koby confirmed that Abstrax “has not and does not use Vitamin E Acetate in the manufacturing of any of its products.”
Insa will continue to follow the news closely and monitor any and all developing information as things unfold as the company is committed to providing safe and effective products to its patients and adult-use patrons. Insa sends its best wishes to the patients and the families of the patients who have fallen ill from the contaminated products across the country.
Insa has also received confirmation from the manufacturers of the sourced products it sells in its dispensaries that those products are also unaffected.

Insa will release any new information it obtains through its website (, its Facebook page (@insa.massachusetts), and through its email blasts (sign-up on’s homepage).