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Insa Announces Job Fair to be Held Sunday, March 10 at Zing Table Tennis

Victor Juri   March 04, 2019  

Easthampton, MA - Insa has announced that it will hold a job fair from 10:00am to 12:00pm this Sunday, March 10, 2019 at Zing Table Tennis, located in the Keystone Mill at 122 Pleasant Street in Easthampton, MA. Insa will be seeking talented, enthusiastic individuals for positions in cultivation, bookkeeping, controller, harvest/trim, processing/lab and retail sales and management. Insa CEO Mark Zatyrka made the announcement.

“As we have become an industry leader in the Commonwealth, we have experienced tremendous growth over the course of our first year of operation,” Zatyrka said. “If the successes of our past job fair events are any indication, we are looking forward to meeting the talented individuals that will come through these doors on Saturday.”

Insa hired over 100 people in 2018 and are expecting to match or exceed that number of new hires in 2019.

Job fair guests are encouraged to bring copies of their resume and to arrive early. They will be given the opportunity to meet members of the Insa management and executive teams. If interested candidates are unable to attend the job fair, they are reminded that Insa keeps an up-to-date listing of openings at

Insa’s cultivation and manufacturing center is located in the Keystone Mill in Easthampton, MA. Insa Easthampton’s retail storefront opened in February 2018 as a medical-only location that has since expanded into recreational sales. Insa Springfield, opened in May 2018, remains a medical-only establishment. In looking to the future, the organization has been approved for a retail location in Salem, MA as well as a cultivation/manufacturing facility in central Pennsylvania.

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