Maintaining Your MA MMJ Patient Status



Your certification can last from 15 days to 1 year. In order to continue to have access to medical cannabis, you want to make sure not to miss your expiration date. We recommend making a follow-up appointment about two months before your certification expires.

State Registration

Your state registration expires annually, regardless of your certification date. You may reapply for registration on an annual basis, up to 60 days before the date your registration expires using the state’s online MMJ system.

NOTE: If there is any change to the information you submitted for registration (such as name, email, address, or phone number), you must update this information within 5 business days after the date of this change.

Patient id card

Make sure to check the expiration date on your Patient ID card when you receive it, as it may have a different expiration date than your registration. You can renew your card before it expires using the state’s online MMJ system.


Also known as The Virtual Gateway or VG, the MMJ Online System is a website used by the state to provide online registration for patients. You can get to the VG anytime by visiting