Acceptable Forms of ID


Our ID Policy

Upon visiting the dispensary, visitors will be asked to show a government-issued ID such as a driver's license, passport, or ID card.

The types of acceptable identification to purchase cannabis are as follows:

- State Issued ID cards (such as a liquor ID)

- State Issued Driver's licenses issued within the United States - All States and U.S. Territories 

- U.S. Issued Passports / U.S. Issued Passport cards

- International Passports / We Do Not Accept International Passport cards

- Military ID's with the BIG 3 issued

- Green Card - From Canada or Mexico typically


Common ID's that we currently do not accept:

- Employment Authorization Card

- International Passport Cards

- Canadian Driver's License / State ID cards

- Military ID's without the date of birth or expiration

- VA cards

- State ID without expiration dates

- FID general cards

- Any ID that does not have one of the BIG 3

-Nexus Cards

-City Access Cards

-Temporary / paper IDs 


Every ID must have the BIG 3 pieces of identification:

(1) Clear Photo

(2) Date of Birth

(3) Expiration date



IDs must have these three pieces of identification. If these three requirements are on an ID but cannot be verified, from a wrinkle, fading, dog teeth marks etc it is not acceptable and is void by our standards due to not being able to verify the BIG 3 on the ID presented.

- Forms such as VA cards, certain state ID's and military ID's will not have the date of birth or expiration dates and these are not acceptable to purchase cannabis 

If any ID is not in its original form, such as a cut corner, broken section held together by tape, markings on the face of the ID, information that is voided such as a faded picture or date range of necessary info that is smudged or hard to decipher we must deny entry.

Based on direct feedback from the state of MA we want to express that anyone who has an ID that shows an expiration date on the current day, they will have until midnight during the day of expiration to use for all means of entry to restricted businesses such as liquor and cannabis establishments. 

- Example: Birthday is 1/10/87, patron enters on 1/10/19 and is able to be served until midnight on 1/10/19



NO International driver’s license or passport cards. Passport books are acceptable


Sample IDs missing the BIG 3 (DOB, Expiration date, Picture):