Although cannabis has been legal in Massachusetts for over one year, many people are still not disclosing their usage to their doctors which can create issues, especially when a procedure is being done that requires anesthesia. Due to the recent legalization in many states, many people do not know that when a doctor asks if you take or have taken any medications, that this includes recreational cannabis. This is important because it can impact the level of sedation needed during surgery.

‘The goal of this campaign is to encourage our patients and our adult-use consumers to talk to their doctors, especially prior to any procedure. Our plan is to have a flyer that’s going to go in every bag that leaves our facility educating our customers about why it’s important to speak to their doctor about their cannabis usage,’ says Mark Zatyrka, CEO of Insa. In addition to this flyer, the information will be provided in the three store locations, Springfield, Easthampton, and Salem, MA as well as on their website, Facebook page, and through email campaigns. With this campaign will come a great understanding on the issue of not disclosing information to your doctor. It will also improve communication between doctors and patients moving forward. Although cannabis use has been surrounded by social stigmas historically; with the research, development and legalization in Massachusetts as well as other states needs to come education and increased communication which this campaign will provide.