Our mission is to create trusted, personalized medical cannabis products. The basis of our products will be proprietary cultivars grown in a controlled environment to create the finest cannabis plants. Through research and development, we will craft our premium cannabis into innovative products tailored to patients' lifestyles capable of providing a consistent and high-quality experience.




INSA’s vision is to improve/enhance the lives of consumers by developing premium, personalized medical and consumer cannabis products. Through education and product development, we hope to shed the stigma of cannabis and make it broadly accessible to patients as well as available to consumers.




Insa is an ethical company that fosters the trust of its patients and team members. Everything we do is geared toward creating the best experience and value for our patients.

INTEGRITY: We are committed to being open and honest, so patients can trust our products and services

INNOVATION: We are building a culture focused on continuous improvement in order to advance the cannabis industry and enhance the experience for our patients.

QUALITY: We are committed to providing the highest quality service and products for our patients.

COMMUNITY: We strive to improve our local communities.

EMPLOYEES: Our employees are our most valuable resource. We aim to attract talented, motivated individuals and help them develop their skills to be leaders in the cannabis industry.


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Insa Easthampton
Insa Easthampton | Medical/Recreational Cannabis Dispensary
Insa's Cultivation
Insa has state of the art grow, extraction and production facilities.
Insa Springfield
Insa Springfield | Medical Cannabis Dispensary
Insa Kitchen
Insa has a state of the art Kitchen to create the most delicious confections!
Insa Salem
Insa Salem| Recreational Cannabis Dispensary
Insa Lab
Insa State of the art lab to create the best extracts and products