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Insa Easthampton is now open until 10:45PM every Thursday, Friday & Saturday!

Insa Easthampton's Recreational Concentrate Limit Has Been Lifted!

Recreational customers may purchase up to the legal limit of one ounce of flower equivalent (5 Grams) per transaction.

Insa Easthampton's Recreational Flower Limit is now 1/4 ounce (7 grams) per transaction


As part of opening our doors to recreational customers, we have placed temporary limits on the amount of product patrons will be allowed to purchase.

Those limits are as follows:

Three Dart Pods or One Cartridge or One Pen

Three Insa Chocolate Bars

One Vendor Chocolate Bar

Two Regular Pre Rolls

Two Slim Pre Rolls

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. We appreciate your understanding.



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The combination of indica and sativa in our name (in/sa) is a statement of our promise to cultivate top quality, nuanced hybrids with the highest standards of care and artistry.


Our mission is to illuminate this path for others by providing premium, personalized, locally-grown medical and adult-use cannabis products that make people feel and live better.

Whether you enjoy cannabis to relax and unwind, connect with friends, or as a medical solution, Insa's uncommon products ignite the benefits of this powerful and wildly versatile plant.

Our growers, artisans, chefs and thinkers combine deep knowledge and experience to cultivate premium cannabis and cannabis products with diverse terpene and cannabinoid profiles. 

Explore cannabis in our modern spaces that invite connection, fun and discovery.

For health. For fun. For life.

Live your world.




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We are obsessed with quality and only use the best raw materials to give you the best product possible.